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“We enjoy the close working relationship and their ability to respond to tight deadlines. In fact it is a "can do" approach with an understanding of what we need. The varying formats of images are particularly useful, all provided at a competitive price”

Andrew Brown, ABW Architects

Strength, in depth of field

Time-lapse photography is a technique where the frequency at which frames are captured is noticeably lower than conventional video, with the resultant sequence of high-resolution photographs combining to provide a moving sequence showing progress or change over any period of time. With varied frame-rates, activities that may take minutes, hours, or even days can be viewed to completion in short, dynamic videos.


From small residential projects and precision tooling operations, to larger new-build development and significant civil engineering projects, Infinite 3D can provide time-lapse footage for part of an activity, or an entire process with frame intervals to suit the application.


The proliferation of digital photography and the availability of quality digital SLR cameras means that many people, particularly those with natural graphic abilities, can today achieve favourable results for all types of photography. However, we believe that specialist time lapse footage, as with those intended for publication, benefit noticeably from professional-grade equipment, a wealth of experience, and detailed technical knowhow. Every image we provide is post-processed with specialist software to guarantee perfect exposure, well balanced saturation, and the sharpest of details.

Our Clients

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