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Photo Montage


Montage Explained?


Photomontages form a significant portion of the work that Infinite 3D undertake. They are, as the name suggests, a montage, or the combining of two types of image; a photograph and a computer generated render.


Our in-house professional photography team will travel to the proposed site and capture high- resolution source photography with documented evidence of the camera location, orientation settings and prevailing conditions.


The approved photograph is then be passed to our talented team of 3D artists who create a 3D model of the proposed scheme before introducing it into the photograph. Lighting conditions from the photograph are matched within the 3D scene with foreground objects overlaid as layers sitting in front of the rendered image as a composite file.


The result is an image that expertly blends flawless digital photography with highly-detailed computer generated imagery to showcase how your proposed scheme will look in the context of its surroundings.


This can be especially helpful when securing planning permissions for difficult schemes, or as marketing material when it comes time to sell, or appeal to investors.


1.The Brief

At Infinite 3D we are used to producing stunning visuals from often limited information, so don’t panic if you don’t have all the details to hand just yet. That said, the more information we have, the quicker the process moves and the easier it is to meet your specific expectations. As part of your brief we will ask that you outline the location of the proposed site, with all relevant boundaries accounted for.


We will ask that you identify some ideal viewpoints that you would like to see the scheme visualised from, though we are happy to lend our experienced eyes and ears to this part of the brief, to suggest viewpoints that we feel would be most effective.


Once these have been agreed upon, we ask that you provide us with drawings of the proposals. Ideally, these will be in the form of CAD files or a 3D model which we can import directly, but we are able to work with almost anything, including hand-drawn sketches.

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Once the viewpoints have been agreed upon, they are identified to our dedicated in-house specialist photography team. Infinite 3D are proud to have a team of professional architectural photographers, who ensure that all photography is captured at the highest resolutions available.


We shoot full-frame on professional Canon equipment at either at 30.6 megapixels or 50.6 megapixels. The photography team will capture a range of photographs from your specified locations, together with reference photographs of tripod locations and any supporting images that may be assist modelling process, such as reflection-planes that would appear in glassy facades.The meta-data from the full-frame professional camera equipment records all of the camera settings, including lens, focal-length, date and time and GPS location.


Upon completion, these images are subject to an initial edit, to ensure that the lighting conditions are best suited to the eventual montage image

3.Camera Matching

Once the photographs have been obtained, they are passed on to our team of 3D modellers.


From the location reference images, they are able to faithfully recreate the position of the camera and tripod in relation to both the source photograph and the 3D model they are creating. This gives a great initial idea of how the completed image will look.


These can be offered to you for review as part of the process, or you can trust in their experience and ability, which often makes the process more efficient and streamlined, ensuring a faster turnaround for you.




Once the cameras exist in the 3D space that our modellers are working within, the modelling can begin. Using the drawings and information that you provide, our team can create a 3D cgi image of your scheme, capturing as much or as little of the detail as you require.


At Infinite 3D we are able to offer a wide range of modelling options, from wireframe outlines of where the scheme will sit, to iconic, fully-detailed modelling options throughout an entire building.


Once the model has been completed to your specifications and reviewed both in-house and by yourself, it is introduced to the photograph. This creates a near-seamless image, featuring the real- world context in which your scheme will sit, and the scheme itself. At full detail, our 3D models can be incredibly difficult to tell apart from an actual photograph.



Once the scheme has been introduced and the relevant details have been verified to ensure that it is faithfully reproduced in context, the image can be passed on to our touch-up artists.


They will then spend all the time it takes to ensure your scheme benefits from all the power of our editing software. Whether it is punching up the hues and saturation to really make your new scheme pop, or taking out unnecessary or unsightly details, such as staining to existing brick work or obstructive road signs.


Infinite 3D guarantee that the final image will meet all of your needs, and be something you can be truly proud of.

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