Culina_Port_Salford_9496 Panorama
Surf_Snowdonia_7803 Panorama

“...the team at Infinite 3D constantly exceed our expectations with care and thought going into every photograph taken, not just in composition but weather conditions, lighting, client communication, cost and efficiency too. An all round exceptional service!”

Kirstine Tillotson, FCH

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Infinite 3D Photography operate a 21m (70ft) telescopic trailer-based mast that enables low-level ‘aerial’ photography from locations almost impossible to access with conventional equipment.


This technique allows for more measured, accurate, and better framed images at significantly less expense than conventional aircraft-based elevated photography that tend to emphasise large expanses of roof, and provides significantly better image quality and fidelity than the lightweight cameras employed by drones. Connected to a 4x4, the mast is as ideally suited to rural locations as it is to a busier urban context and is not restricted by CAA regulations that can restrict locations possible with drone photography.


Photographs and digital composite photomontage views from the 21m mast capture the nature and scale of a scheme in context, drawing particular attention to the setting, and successfully illustrating the landscaping and groundworks and is ideally suited to illustrating business or retail parks, and commercial or industrial units for sale or let.


This equipment is also of particular benefit to residential property sales as a single image has the potential to illustrate an entire plot, including the home, garden, drive and garage. Properties for sale with associated mast images generate proportionally more viewings and can contribute to a quicker sale.

Mast Photograph Culina Port Salfo
Surf Snowdonia Aerial Photograph

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