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Domino's: Eat-in or take-out?

Domino's - AEW

Back in 2014, Dominos pledged to have redesigned all 11,000 of their stores worldwide to the new ‘Pizza Theatre’ model, in which customers are able to see their food prepared right in front of them.

AEW architects are responsible for the UK redesign, and it was certainly an ambitious undertaking, but one which has entirely reimagined the Domino’s image with some of its unique elements.

The new ‘theatre’ style features a lobby area, where customers can place orders, and which extends into an open-viewing area, where they can see the food being prepared and watch its progress from dough to done. The new stores also feature chalk feedback boards, allowing those customers who have watched the in-store entertainment to leave comments on the whole process.

The biggest difference that customers will notice when they next visit a Domino’s store, however, is likely to be the in-store seating. In accordance with the completed redesign, many Domino’s outlets will now offers a sit-in option, opening up their potential to access the casual sit-in restaurant market.


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