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GA Studio - House 1701

GA Studio - House 1701

With a reputation for high-end residential schemes, completed to the highest possible specifications, the latest development from GA Studio should come as no surprise. The private house in Altrincham, which is at the planning stage, was a joy for Infinite 3D to work on, with its lavish furnishings and modern exterior appearance.

Situated just south of Manchester, this house sits behind more traditional, period homes, which are typical to the area, and makes the most of what is a tightly constrained site. This was achieved by making the house seem, in GA Studio’s own words, ‘from the street, the house appears closed down and inhospitable, but it is upon opening the gate the lightweight appearance of the ground floor is revealed, making the home feel open and welcoming.’

The design of the house is taken from Chinese courtyard homes, with inward looking accommodation and wide spaces and features, developed in the ideals of Feng Shui, according to GA Studio.


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