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The Christie Opens IEU

Interserve - Christie IEU

Innovative new cancer treatment, in the form of the Uk’s first Proton Beam Therapy Facility at Christie’s Hospital, is coming to Manchester, thanks to the hard work of Interserve. Having first won the contract back in March 2014, the team have been working tirelessly to complete the new treatment centre on schedule, which is being funded by a £250m government investment.

The five storey building will, when completed, provide: three treatment gantries, a research room, a patient reception, consultation rooms as well as public spaces. The whole scheme is designed to be futureproofed, and will be constructed with the technology it will house in mind, to ensure it is a useful facility for many years to come. It is estimated that the centre will be able to treat up to 750 patients a year with complex of difficult forms of cancer.

Since construction started, the Interserve site team have completed, or made use of: 107 concrete pours, 16,000m3 in concrete wagons, 1620 tonnes of reinforcement, 9.1km of embedded pipework, and 400,000man hours across approximately 100 men. When the team celebrated a topping out ceremony in April 2017, for the last concrete pour, John Godfrey, Regional Director at Interserve, said it was ‘A key milestone in the construction of the Uk’s first NHS high energy proton beam therapy centre, which was only possible due to the commitment and hard work from the whole team.’


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