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The Queen’s at Selborne

The Queen’s - Barclay + Phillips


Barclay + Phillips architects are the designers behind this veiled project. On behalf of Derek Warwick Developments, they have managed to create an apartment complex that sits wonderfully well in its surroundings.

In using the existing elevation of the former Queen’s Pub site, the project converts the old building and its adjacent barn into high-end residential spaces. The scheme features 5 separate two-bedroom apartments, while the barn structure will house a single 3-bedroom conversion. The design was carefully considered to replace those aged and unsightly parts of the existing building with smaller, newer, and far more subtle modern touches, all while retaining the sleepy countryside, affluent atmosphere that Selborne exudes.

Each apartment is designed to sit within the existing structure, and each is privy to its own outside area in the form of a garden or terrace. Every apartment, with the exception of one, is a duplex, and in this way Barclay + Phillips have ensured the scheme is in keeping with the Lifetime Homes initiative. Toward the back of the project, a large, open communal area has been designed, with ample space for two parking spaces per apartment. This open space is virtually impossible to see from the main road, which means the high street retains its image without the intrusion of unsightly parking areas.

A planning application for the scheme was submitted in November 2016, with a decision expected early 2017.


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