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GA Studio - Yard and Coop

GA Studio - Yard and Coop

Adding to their already hugely popular restaurant in Manchester, a second Yard and Coop, designed by GA Studio, has opened its doors in Liverpool City Centre.

Dubbed as ‘the home of buttermilk chicken’, and with rave reviews so far, the restaurant features a modern, open-space design, ideal for creating a relaxed atmosphere over a casual dinner and drinks amongst friends. Formerly an office space, the building structure was stripped back to a semi-industrial shell, while the interior itself, according to GA Studios, is split into the ‘Yard’ and ‘Coop’ aspects, to reflect the branding - the ‘yard’ area being a more informal drinking and eating area, while the ‘coop’ is a more formal restaurant setting.

The booths of the restaurant were inspired by traditional chicken coops, a trait which can clearly be seen in the photography Infinite 3D were commissioned to carry out at the new restaurant. Designed with wire mesh roofs, they definitely carry more than a passing hint to their farmyard counterpart.

The design of the Yard and Coop restaurant has been subject to high praise indeed, having recently been shortlisted for, and eventually winning the Small Project of the Year award at the prestigious MA Awards.


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