Verified Montage




Visually Verified Montages, also known as Verified View Montages (VVM) or Accurate Visual Representations (AVR), are a form of photomontage.


These images are completed with a much higher level of accuracy and detailing, ensuring that the exact position of the camera and tripod is recorded, so that a surveyor can capture key points to be mapped in a 3D world. The process is more elaborate, time-consuming and, subsequently, costly than a standard photomontage project.

Any commissioned AVR or VVM is held to be a well-defined and verifiable representation of a proposed development. Once completed, a VVM submitted to planning as part of a Qualitative Visual Assessment becomes part of the legal document itself. This leaves the image open to be challenged, should it be deemed to be inaccurate. To date this has not yet occurred in the industry, which is a testament to the benefits of adhering to a rigorous methodology.

The methodology employed by Infinite 3D is the same that is widely accepted in the industry today. It is from the Landscape Institute’s Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment.

What is a VVM?

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