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Alder Hey 3342
Liverpool Heart & Chest 4926
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The Christie Hospital Manchester
Alder Hey 3251
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Christies Hospital_0696
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Healthcare Photography Infinite 3D 6982
Alder Hey Hospital
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Alder Hey 3240
Blue Bell Medical Centre 4961
Salford Royal Hospital Day Architectual
Blue Bell Liverpool
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Salford Royal Hospital
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Christies Hospital_0660
Wrightington Hospital 8884
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The Blue Bell Centre Liverpool
Wrightington Hospital 8937
Newbury Health Centre 8094
Salford Royal Hospital Manchester
Wrightington Hospital 8827
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Healthcare Photography Infinite 3D 0960
Wrightington Hospital 8903
Healthcare Photography Infinite 3D 0834
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“As one of the largest healthcare campuses in Europe, this was a challenging and complex building to photograph. Infinite 3D captured the vast space with professionalism, precision and creativity; producing high quality images that showcase the intricate detailing of the architecture.”

Katie Endicott

Studio Associate Director, IBI Group


Infinite 3D has an extensive portfolio of healthcare projects spanning across twenty years, including The Christie, Guy’s, Birmingham, Bristol, Alder Hey and Stratford Hospitals, the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Cancer Centre and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in South Africa for Sheppard Robson.


Providing visualisations to communicate an approach or concept, to fully-detailed models and computer generated animations of entire facilities, our images secure funding, regulatory permissions and, most importantly, capture the hearts and minds of the organisations themselves.


Our most extensive photography commission to date is the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital & The Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow for the IBI Group. The 170,000m2 project is one of the most advanced medical campuses in Europe, centralising acute services previously provided by three different hospitals and is comprised of a 1,109-bed acute hospital and 259-bed children’s hospital. Infinite 3D captured every aspect of the project from the macro to the micro; external day and dusk photography of the 14-storey hospital, vast 12-storey internal atrium and every process-specific area, ward and consulting room.


We understand the limitations to free access in healthcare environments and the measures necessary to secure the appropriate permissions. We also ensure that, in addition to the widely- used photographs of the more photogenic parts to a scheme, photographs are sourced illustrating an example of each type of space-from toilets to waiting areas, nurse-bases to plant rooms.


Our principal photographer won the silver medal in 2016 at the BIPP awards (British Institute of Professional Photographers) in the North West for the ‘Industrial & Scientific’

Fit for purpose


“Your skill in interpretation of our drawings resulted in a noticeable ‘no nonsense’ approach. I feel I asked for the near impossible in terms of what was required, time-scale and cost. The finished article exceeded all expectations”

Chris Carr, B Arch, BA (Hons), RIBA

I.S.P. Architects

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