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NCP Manchester One Bailey
The Word - South Shields
Stoke on Trent Bus Station
The Word Centre - South Shields
Wakefield Westgate Station
New Bailey Manchester NCP
The Word - Muse Developments
WAG Llandudno
Museum Of Liverpool
Civic Infinite3D 3287
Bus Station - Stoke on Trent
Civic Infinite3D 3010
Blackpool Festival House
Stoke on Trent Bus Station
Civic Infinite3D 4568
Civic Infinite3D 9403
Civic Infinite3D 1633
Civic Infinite3D 4102
Stoke on Trent Bus Station
Civic Infinite3D 9675
Civic Infinite3D 1611
NCP Manchester
Welsh Assembly Government Llandudno Junction
Civic Infinite3D 9130
Civic Infinite3D 9219
Civic Infinite3D 9430
Stoke on Trent Station
Manchester Car Park NCP
Wolverhampton Bus Station
Civic Infinite3D 9523
Civic Infinite3D 9228
Wellsebourne Unit2 4555
Civic Infinite3D 4102
The Word South Shields, Muse

“I was absolutely delighted with the standard of their work which far exceeded my expectations both in terms of quality but also originality of approach. The final photographs are of exhibition standard.”

Richard Wilson OBE QVRM TD BA MRICS, Construction Programme Director , Welsh Assembly Government

With a varied portfolio of architectural visualisation and professional photography of council offices, law courts, railway stations and churches, Infinite 3D’s portfolio in this broad sector is as varied as it is prestigious.


Having modelled and animated the scheme design for new northern headquarters for the Welsh Assembly Government for Austin-Smith: Lord and Pochins, Infinite 3D were commissioned to photograph this scheme in Llandudno Junction and the new Aberystwyth office by the Welsh Assembly Government directly.


Through Muse Developments we have photographed a host of iconic civic buildings, including Talbot Gateway council office in Blackpool, The Word in South Shields and CAST in Doncaster.


In 2015 we produced CG visualisations of proposed new law courts across Ireland to help BAM secure the €70 million commission to design, build, finance and maintain facilities at Cork, Drogheda, Limerick, Mullingar, Waterford and Wexford.


In both visualisation and photography Infinite 3D have a great working knowledge of transport and infrastructure. An understanding of the specific design requirements of complex realignment proposals helped with our animated presentation of the new Metrolink Trafford Line Extension, and we have both animated and photographed new railway stations at Westgate Westfield and Northampton for Buckingham Group Contracting and CJTC Architects.


Our transport work extends to include development and progress photography of new railway lines prior to commission, often shot with our 21m telescopic mast.


Our civic duties...

Infinite 3D Architectural Photography
WTCB CommunityHall.jpg
Infinite 3D Civic

“Each member of the team provides an excellent service and has built up strong relationships with relevant personnel within the University. I have no hesitation in recommending Infinite 3D to other potential clients.”

Colin Davies

Director of Infrastructure Services, Liverpool John Moores University

Rochdale Town Hall 1
WTCB CommunityHall
Rochdale Town Hall 2
Rochdale Town Hall 3

Our Clients

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