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“Infinite 3D have successful integrated their photographic services with 3D modelling to provide compelling photomontages which have been invaluable in successfully navigating contentious planning processes and marketing the projects”

Joe Morgan, Partner, ADP


Automatic Exposure

Photomontage combines our professional architectural photography service with our 3D computer generated modelling to provide digital composite montage images of proposals within their actual setting. These lifelike, engaging images instantly communicate context and are equally suited to planning submissions as they are for promotion and press releases.


Allowing architects, clients, planning authorities and potential purchasers the opportunity of seeing a development in a photographic context, even a single photomontage image can be instantly compelling. Alternatively, we can develop multiple images from fixed points at varying distances from a scheme to illustrate massing and the potential impact on neighbouring plots.


The success of any photomontage is linked closely to the quality of the source photograph, with all of our baseplates sourced through our experienced in-house team of architectural photographers with their specialist equipment and software.


Our architectural background reflects in our working practice and we take great care to ensure that our appointment is not an additional burden to the design team. We aim to make our involvement as streamlined as possible and understand the importance of deadlines, and the commitment necessary to meet them.

Photomontage 3D Visual
Photomontage Water Street Liverpool
Infinite 3D Photomontage

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