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Photo Montage


Montage Explained?


Photomontages form a significant portion of the work that Infinite 3D undertake. They are, as the name suggests, a montage, or the combining of two types of image; a photograph and a computer generated render.


Our in-house professional photography team will travel to the proposed site and capture high- resolution source photography with documented evidence of the camera location, orientation settings and prevailing conditions.


The approved photograph is then be passed to our talented team of 3D artists who create a 3D model of the proposed scheme before introducing it into the photograph. Lighting conditions from the photograph are matched within the 3D scene with foreground objects overlaid as layers sitting in front of the rendered image as a composite file.


The result is an image that expertly blends flawless digital photography with highly-detailed computer generated imagery to showcase how your proposed scheme will look in the context of its surroundings.


This can be especially helpful when securing planning permissions for difficult schemes, or as marketing material when it comes time to sell, or appeal to investors.

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