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Planning permission at Bevington Bush

Bevington Bush - Falconer Chester Hall

Liverpool architects Falconer Chester Hall, who have been given a number of reasons to celebrate in 2017, have been handed planning permission for another prestigious city centre scheme. The Bevington Bush site, on the outskirts of the city centre, near John Moore’s University, is due to be brought right into line with the surrounding areas, with a 1,005 bed student accommodation project. The four-tower development will be built to a staggered design, with blocks standing at 16, 11, 9 and 8 storeys high. With planning permission granted, and plans in place for a neighbouring development, the area is set to become something of a student hub, designed to be closed off to surrounding Nicholas Street, Aldersley Street and Wellington Street. There are also plans in place to create an ‘urban park’, as part of the development. The site itself boasts a fair history, though you wouldn’t know it as you look upon the now derelict office block and crumbling walls. The site has previously played home to idyllic gardens, an inn which was favoured by the locals - known as ‘The Bevvy’, before being home to some of the first council houses in Britain, the largest municipal pool in the city, and later on a Salvation Army refuge and then a tannery as late as the 1980s. Adam Hall, Director of Falconer Chester Hall, paid tribute to the history of the area when he spoke about the development. ‘We have taken inspiration from the site’s former use as a tannery in the design concept for the buildings to add visual interest. There will also be enhanced public realm and landscaping to help create an attractive environment around the development.’ No date has yet been suggested for construction work to commence.


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